mad respect for him…the world needs more people like him.


biggest smile on my face watching this, bless! :)

“Unconditional love for every living thing.” This boy is beautiful :)

If this boy starts a religion based on his ideals……….I’m a disciple

Watched this on What Would You Do last week, and that kid is great. By the way, if you’re not watching #WWYD, you should….fascinating scenarios and amazing reactions from folks; this is one of many terrific highlights you get every week.

YUP. THAT. HIM. YES. Unconditional love, every living thing. Learn from him.

I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.

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Harry SanFran took this photo of a beautiful Opal while visiting the Field Museum in Chicago. What a good friend!

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Mathieu Laca

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War Kitties in Hammocks

Carriers and other vessels got infested with rodents. So cats were not just moral boosters (which they very much were) they were also working members of the crew. Some have even been immortalized for surviving multiple attacks on their ships, etc. Military dogs have been recognized for the important roles they’ve played but I think cats kinda get lost in the shuffle of military animals sometimes.

This is an instant reblog.

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Who doesn’t LOVE this ad?

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Gold Dipped Geode Slice Necklace 

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Emma Watson for Elle US (By Carter Smith) (x)

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